An Unforgettable Wedding Story
Centered around you!

Before you proceed with the form, consider this: Connection forms the heart of every great experience. It's the spark that transforms potentially awkward moments into seamless connections. My foremost goal? Forging a genuine bond with you. This paves the way for your comfort and allows me to blend in seamlessly, almost as a friend at your wedding. And guess what happens when you're comfortable? Extraordinary photos and film emerge. Now, I get it, this form might seem lengthy, but trust me—it's an investment well worth making.

Every wedding receives ‘full day coverage’. Usually, this ranges from up to 12 hours. Coverage usually begins halfway through the bride’s hair and makeup and concludes roughly an hour after reception dancing begins. There are no set hours as that can ultimately affect the final outcome of the video. More coverage, more footage, better video.

Our team of four shooters are normally present on wedding days however this isn’t strictly enforced. In some cases where a considerable distance between locations or a same-day edit is requested, another videographer is brought aboard. If you think additional videographers are necessary, please let me know.

"Raw photos" refer to unprocessed image files directly from the camera, containing all the data captured by the camera's sensor without any alterations or enhancements. At our studio, we prioritize delivering edited products to our clients for several reasons.

We believe in presenting our best work, which involves selecting and refining the finest captures to ensure the highest quality output. Our editing process involves careful curation, color correction, retouching, and fine-tuning each image or frame. This meticulous approach allows us to showcase the full potential of each photograph or video clip, highlighting the essence, emotions, and beauty of the moment captured.

By offering only edited products, we aim to provide a consistent and professional representation of our work. This ensures that every image or frame meets our high standards of quality and reflects the expertise and artistic vision of our team. Ultimately, our goal is to present you with a final product that exceeds expectations and preserves the beauty and significance of your special moments.

A 40% non-refundable retainer is required to secure your date. The remaining balance is split into two to three payments prior to the wedding date based on your preference. Payments can be made via Interac e-transfer (Canada only) or credit and debit. If this does not work for you, I’m more than happy to work toward a potential payment plan.

Photo's are delivered within 30 days after your wedding date. There isn’t a concrete date but I try to deliver your full video between 6 to 9 months. You can expect your trailer within 1 month after your wedding date. I want to create perfection for you and to do that, you can’t rush art.

Yes - There are two options for you to choose from! The first is a single-camera stream and the second is a multiple-camera stream. Live streams can only be done during a ceremony or other sitting events such as when a speech is given.

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